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Ripped Max Muscle

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What Is Ripped Max Muscle?

Ripped Max Muscle is a 100% natural supplement for bodybuilders and fitness fans who are looking to take their performance to the next level. The product is designed to be taken before a workout and helps ensure the workout gets maximum results. In just a few weeks after taking this product, users will start to notice changes to their muscle mass. For users who want an extra edge in the gym, Ripped Max Muscle offers a way to crush your workout.


This product is manufactured by Bio Muscle. If this name sounds familiar, it may be because of the Bio Muscle XR supplement that the company has manufactured in the past. The company is based out of St. Petersburg, Florida; however, they operate in both the United States and Canada. Their help staff is available around the clock to fix any problems or concerns you may have. They have been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and GQ magazines.

How Ripped Max Muscle Works?

Ripped Max Muscle is a pre workout supplement that helps users to maximize their pump and crush the workout. Users simply need to take one pill in the morning, 30 minutes before a workout, and, in the evening, the user should take a second pill with lukewarm water. A large amount of muscle recovery takes place during sleep, so it is critical not to forget the nightly dosage. It also boosts muscle recovery and lean muscle growth with its proprietary blend of 100% natural ingredients. This product boosts Nitric Oxide production in users. This helps boost oxygen flow in the bloodstream and prevents hypoxia. The increased bloodflow to muscles is the key to getting a legendary pump. This product also contains components of Amino Acids that help the body to manufacture proteins. It also can help to fight Senile Dementia, male infertility, Intermittent Claudication, and male infertility. This product lastly works to capitalize on the gains of any workout by building as much lean muscle mass as possible. The supplement also increases the release of insulin, growth hormone, and other helpful substances in the body.

To maximize the benefits of this product, it is important for users to follow some basic guidelines. The first rule is not to mix this product with other supplements. Doing so makes it impossible to know the exact dosages of ingredients you are ingesting. Since each supplement uses its own proprietary formulas, it is possible that different supplements will actually work against each other or even increase the risk of negative side effects from both of them. The second rule is just as important as the first; drink excessive amounts of water. Bodybuilders should already be drinking lots of water, but, since the side effects of this product are linked to dehydration, users should increase their water intake while using this pre workout. The last rule to help this product help you is to stick to a balanced diet and intense workout plan. Supplements boost what your body is already doing, but they can’t do it for you. Without effort and dedication from the user, any supplement will fail to achieve the desired results.

Ingredients of Ripped Max Muscle

This product does so much that it may sound like a work of science fiction, but it is very much real. The best part is that it brings all of these benefits with only three main active ingredients, all of which are natural: l-arginine, l-citrulline, and creatine.


L-citrulline is used by the body to boost Nitric Oxide production. This is one of the main gases used in circulation oxygen to muscles. By producing more Nitric Oxide, Ripped Max Muscle is helping your body to expand its veins and deliver more oxygen than ever to your muscles. The end result is that your workouts are more intense, your pumps are bigger and last longer, and your veins are much more prominent even after your workout is done. This is also the chemical in Ripped Max Muscle which boosts the production of growth hormone and insulin.


L-arginine is the basic building block for an amino acid. These chemicals are used in the body to make proteins and build muscle. They can be obtained normally from a balanced diet, but Ripped Max Muscle provides the extra amnio acids that a bodybuilder needs to ensure each workout is a step forward. It is also used by some medical professionals to treat erectile dysfunction, increase mental capacity in elderly patients, male infertility, and to help prevent recurrent pain in the legs.


Creatine rounds out its holy trinity of ingredients in this product. Users who are already involved in the fitness scene should be no stranger to creatine. This natural supplement is one of the most proven ingredients in the world for building muscle. Creatine boosts protein synthesis in the body in order to increase both muscular mass and muscular endurance.


Ripped Max Muscle is scientifically engineered to give you great results that build on top of your existing workouts. The small list of ingredients only contains natural supplements. Rather than risking results with synthetic compounds, this supplement allows users to simply amplify what the body does naturally. Almost every effect that the supplement does can be recreated naturally with diet and enough exercise. In appropriate amounts, this supplement is a great way to boost what your body can do.

The product is also a natural way to increase attentiveness, and awareness throughout the day. This pre workout is one that is designed to have long lasting effects that extend well beyond the workout. The same increase of Nitric Oxide that gives your arms incredible vascularity is also able to increase bloodflow to the brain. This results in a sharper mind and more attentive focus for hours after your workout ends. For early morning workouts, this can be a helpful way to move from the gym to the job.

Due to the creatine and the L-citrulline in this supplement, users are able to experience major increases in muscles that they have not specifically targeted with workouts. L-citrulline is used by the body to boost Nitric Oxide production, and once it is absorbed into the bloodstream, it boosts circulation to every muscle in the body. Increased circulation means that the creatine in the supplement is spread throughout the body and isn’t wasted sitting the stomach acid.

While it is not the main goal of this product, the increase in workout efficiency, and dedication to lean muscle mass causes this product to increase the user’s metabolism. This means that the body will burn even more calories than normal, and it can be incredibly useful during the cut phase of a workout plan. This supplement is effective at helping users lose fat while also working to grow massive amounts of lean, hard muscle.

L-arginine has been used in some medical fields to counteract leg pain caused by Intermittent Claudication. For bodybuilders, this means that this product also has the advantage of helping fight muscle soreness related to post workout recovery.


Bio Muscle is a certified Good Manufacturing Place (GMP). This seal is awarded to businesses that take care to ensure their products have consistent ingredients and quality with each batch. Their products are also certified as 100% made in the USA. This product itself is given a customer satisfaction guarantee, and a certification of premium quality in the pre-workout testosterone booster category.

Awards & Media Coverage

This product has been featured in numerous fitness and lifestyle magazines such as Men’s Health, GQ, and Men’s Fitness. These magazines praised the results boosting formula that this supplement brings to a workout. The product only entered circulation in 2016, and it has not yet won any awards; however, with the way the product is being received, it is only a matter of time before they start to accumulate.

Money-back Guarantee

This product does not feature a money back guarantee. It does, however, have an extensive free trial that lasts long enough to determine if the results are worth the price. This provides users with the same effect as a guarantee, but without the added hassle of returning a product.

Pricing & Free Trial

this product starts with a free trial with fourteen days worth of pills. While the pills themselves are free, the shipping cost is $4.95. The website will state that Canadian customers are given an exclusive offer, but this is just regarding shipping to Canadian provinces. On the 15th day ,after the trial period is over, Bio Muscle will automatically ship the user a 30 day supply of pills and charge their account $89.95. On day 45, Bio Muscle will again ship a 30 day supply of pills and bill the account $89.95. This will repeat every 30 days unless the account is canceled. The only way to cancel an account is by calling the customer support number. Some orders are also automatically charged $1.99 for a lifetime membership to The Healthy Body Club. This is a fitness website containing exercise routines, meals, beauty secrets, and diet plans.

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