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What Is Alphadrox Test Booster?

The Alphadrox Test Booster is an all-natural supplement designed to help increase testosterone levels in men. It supplies the body with a variety of plant-based extracts, vitamins and minerals that are designed to stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production and help improve or restore testosterone levels. It does not contain artificial ingredients or synthetic hormones. All of the testosterone produced with the help of this supplement is the body’s own natural testosterone.

The supplement is designed for men aged 18 and older. It is likely to be most effective in men over the age of thirty, but it may show increased testosterone levels in men of any age. It will help to increase testosterone levels to their optimal amount, but it will not increase testosterone to an unnatural or abnormally high level. As a result, it is generally safer than products containing synthetic hormone or those designed to stimulate large excesses of testosterone. There are no known harmful side-effects of the product or its ingredients.


The Alphadrox Test Booster is produced by a manufacturer under the same name. The manufacturer does not provide any details about its business or its production manufacturing techniques beyond a “Made in the USA” label on the product page. From the Terms of Use, it can be deduced that it is an American company based in Phoenix, AZ. The Company provides a post office box address, primarily for product returns. It also provides a customer service number.

There are always some concerns when a manufacturer does not communicate much about how the product is made or what research or testing was done. That said, many similar products also have only semi-visible manufacturers, so the situation is not unusual. When evaluating a product such as the Alphadrox Test Booster, it will be important to rely on the information that has been published about the various ingredient and formula and less so on any statements, qualifications or reputation of the manufacturer. This product is something that will have to stand on its own merits.

How Alphadrox Test Booster Works?

Alphadrox uses a variety of natural ingredients to help stimulate hormone production. Some of its ingredients also serve to boost energy levels and nitric oxide levels. These secondary effects are very important from a bodybuilding and workout standpoint. The full effects of testosterone boosting can take several weeks or months to be fully effective. As a result of the time it takes to get a real testosterone boost, the manufacturer recommends the product be taken continuously for at least 90 days.

Athletes can get much faster effects from energy boosting and nitric oxide promoting ingredients that help to offset the delayed reaction of testosterone increases. The pairing of ingredients in this product helps to give some immediate value as well as some long-term benefits.

Ingredients of Alphadrox Test Booster

Vitamin B6 (10mg)

The B vitamins are commonly referred to as the “energy vitamins” because they play a strong role in metabolism and energy production. This is true of Vitamin B6. This vitamin has many roles in the body. The roles especially important from an athletic standpoint are its role in protein metabolism, hormone function and nerve function. Since athletes are likely to have a diet higher in protein than the average person, they may be able to make use of greater amounts of Vitamin B6 in their diet.

A person already eating a healthy diet is unlikely to become deficient in this Vitamin. It is a water-soluble vitamin, so excess amounts are not stored in the body. Any daily excess of Vitamin B6 is secreted in the urine and wasted. This is important to keep in mind when taking any vitamin supplement. Large doses of synthetic vitamins like this one, usually don’t do the body much good unless the person is already deficient. There have also been some reports of toxic effects of large doses of Vitamin B6 from supplements when taken over a prolonged period. These side-effects included neurological damage that was sometimes irreversible. While the dosage level in this product is unlikely to result in toxic side-effects, it would be important not to combine the Alphadrox Test Booster with any additional supplements that contain Vitamin B6.

Another problem with including on this B vitamin and not the others is that research has shown that the B vitamins work best when taken together. Isolating one of the vitamins, as is done here, results in a decreased effect and higher likelihood of toxicity.

Zinc Citrate (30mg)

This is a zinc supplement. Zinc is a vital mineral for the body. It primarily supports immune health and has some other important functions. There is some evidence that zinc also plays a role in testosterone production. The exact reason for this is not clear. There is clear research that shows that a zinc deficiency may cause low testosterone levels and Hypogonadism.

There is very little evidence, however, to support the idea that zinc helps to boost testosterone levels of has any major effect on the testosterone in someone who is not deficient or suffering from low testosterone levels. While zinc is a perfectly healthy mineral, its role in testosterone is so specific that it is unlikely to have a major effect in most people.

Tribulus Terrestris (300mg)

This herb has become a common ingredient in many testosterone boosting products. It is actually a very common herb in the United States and usually goes by names such as Puncturevine or Devils Weed.

Despite being very common, where Tribulus is harvested can play a major role in how effective it is. This is because the active chemical in the herb has been clearly identified. The steroidal saponin protodioscin is what matters when taking Tribulus, and the levels of this saponin are not consistent across all regional variations of the herb. The best concentrations are found in plants from Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia while the lowest concentrations are from India, China and Vietnam. Alphadrox does not provide a source for its Tribulus, but it does provide a saponin level of 45 percent. This means that the right concentration of active ingredients can be found in the Tribulus used in this supplement.

How Tribulus works is not clearly or fully understood. The research is clear that it does result in boosted testosterone levels on blood tests. This may be because of the effect it has on several hormones and enzymes that affect testosterone levels. It may also be that Tribulus has a dramatic effect on blood glucose levels. By lowering blood glucose, testosterone concentration would appear elevated in tests even though actual testosterone levels did not significantly change. These conflicting studies do call into question the real effectiveness of this ingredient.

While side-effects are are, there is some potential that dizziness or lightheadedness may result from taking Tribulus. This is the result of the herb’s lowering of blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek Extract (300mg)

Fenugreek is another herb that has gained considerable popularity as a testosterone booster. There is a good deal of research that supports Fenugreek’s ability to boost testosterone levels. As with Tribulus, it is important to examine exactly how this herb works in the body to increase testosterone concentrations.

Research suggests that the primary effect of Fenugreek is to prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This is one reason Fenugreek is often recommended as a hair loss supplement. Since the testosterone cannot convert into DHT, then higher levels of testosterone will be reported in blood test results.

Blocking DHT production is considered by some men to be a serious problem rather than a benefit. The reason for this is that DHT is actually a more potent form of testosterone from an athletic and bodybuilding standpoint. DHT actually has a stronger effect on muscle growth and metabolism compared to regular testosterone. This means that inhibiting DHT in order to get higher testosterone may ironically have a negative or at least neutral effect on muscle mass and fat burning.

Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous (225mg)

Magnesium Sulfate, also known as Epsom Salt, has a wide variety of health uses and is both a unique and useful ingredient in Alphadrox’s formulation that is not commonly seen in similar supplements. It is a combination of magnesium and sulfur. From an athletic and bodybuilding standpoint, this mineral compound plays a strong role in reducing muscle fatigue. This may allow an athlete to work out harder or for a longer period of time before needing to rest. It may also reduce the time needed for recovery in between workouts or sets. The effect of Magnesium Sulfate is likely to be rather quick, and athletes may notice its effects after only a day or two or taking the supplement.

Horny Goat Weed (100mg)

There is a good deal of research that supports the ability of this herb to stimulate testosterone production. Most of the studies have been done in rats, which is common. Rats seem to have similar responses to testosterone boosting ingredients as humans do. In the study, the rats taking Horny Goat Weed had three times higher testosterone levels without the secondary stimulation of other hormones. This has led researchers to conclude that Horny Goat Weed works differently than other testosterone boosting herbs like Tribulus or Fenugreek. In this formula, it may be one of the few herbs that genuinely and positively boosts testosterone levels with no secondary effects.

Other studies have pointed to the herb’s secondary effect at boosting nitric oxide levels. Increased nitric oxide allows blood vessels to expand and carry more nutrients to muscles. This is very important from an athletic standpoint because it allows muscles to work harder and larger before fatiguing. Most testosterone boosting formulas have at least one ingredient that boosts nitric oxide. Horny Goat Weed fulfills that role in the Alphadrox Test Booster.


Men who take the Alphadrox Test Booster are likely to see some increase in their testosterone levels. Increased testosterone has a variety of benefits on the body like increased muscle mass, energy and weight loss. When combined with a healthy diet and rigorous workout regimen, this product may help men to increase their muscle mass, lose weight and have more energy.

Since most of the herbs in this product are designed to help balance hormone levels or bring testosterone back to optimal, it is likely to be most effective in men that have decreased testosterone concentrations. Testosterone decreases naturally as men age, and becomes especially pronounced after the age of 30.

As with all testosterone boosters, it is important to keep in mind that changes in testosterone are not quick. It will likely take up to three months for the increases in testosterone to be truly noticeable. The good news in that regard is that this supplement does contain a few ingredients that will be faster benefits. Changes in nitric oxide levels are likely to be noticeable very quickly. They may be noticeable in the first workout and will definitely be noticeable after the first week. Muscles will feel fuller and stronger, leading to better workouts.


The Alphadrox Test Booster does not have any formal certificates or awards. Given the sheer number of these products on the market, it is unlikely that many of them will be singled out for award or certification. None of the ingredients in the product have been studied extensively enough to qualify for any of their own certifications. That said, many of the products do have a significant amount of research that indicates the effects they have the on the body. A lack of certification does not necessarily mean a lack of effectiveness in testosterone boosting products.


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